Friday, September 3, 2010

My Friday Rant...


I am cranky, angry, tired, and everything other synonym to those three words....and then some.

First let me preface...  I am a complete believer that we can control our mood.  If you feel crappy, use your brain power to pull yourself out of the dumps.  (That is why I am ranting, gotta cleanse)  Also, on a positive note, I think that the sleep lady shuffle is starting to work.  We are getting longer stretches of sleep, and I am not nursing T back to sleep - she's getting there all by herself.  Tonight we move the chair across the room....woooot woooot.

Ok, now, the rant. 

#1 - ok seriously, two sleep deprived adults DO NOT mix well.  I am tired and hazy and foggy and feel like dung and my back hurts...etc!!!!  Problem=so is Bruce. It's so hard when you need a pillar of support and the person that you turn to is in the same boat as you.  What is normally your source of solace is now funky, just like you.  Again, two sleep deprived adults do not mix well.  I really need to branch out and make friends with mommys in my area.  I always feel so shy and like I am some sort of burden though.  Argg....what do I do?

#2 - Apparently Taylor is a little bit constipated.  So this morning (*Warning* if you don't want to hear about my baby's poop, don't read this section...), she has been letting out a pellet here and a pellet there.  Well, I thought that she was done so I put her in the tub for her AM bath.  You guessed it...she decided to leave a pellet there too.  And of course Bruce is off at the gym.  So I spent the first half of her nap bleaching...the tub, the toys, the bathroom.  The house reeks but that tub is CLEAN as heck.

#3 - So, at this point in the morning I am really losing my mind...and of course, as always, enter Mr. Wolf Spider.  Really???!!  Seriously...I was in a great mood yesterday, couldn't you have showed up then?  NO, you have to rear your ugly self while I am elbow deep in bleach and baby poop.  I'd like to know what we pay our pest service for?  Their nice uniforms?  Clearly it's not for pest control.  How do those dang spiders sense when I am funky and come out then and only then?????????? 

Ok, I feel better. 

Today is Taylor's 10 month birthday.  I think i'll take her out to ice cream or something that I probably shouldn't.  Bruce works late tonight and I say that both me, and my constipated Baboo deserve a sweet indulgence............

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  1. I hope you are doing better! If it helps, our rescue Lab has had poopy problems too. At least we are getting some sleep at our house. I am sorry!!!!